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Teaching & Education 

10 years as a music educator has taught me that every student is unique when it comes to learning music. A method or approach that works for one individual, may not be the most efficient way of learning for another. I try to asses each student when beginning their musical journey and adjust my teaching methods and resources to meet their needs and goals.

      The Rhythm Studio      


My main residency as a teacher since 2016 has been as a Guitar and Music Production tutor at The Rhythm Studio, Music Academy at Kensington & Chelsea College. I am a tutor for one-on-one guitar, bass and production and cater for ages 7 to adult. I am also the course tutor for the Level 3 RSL Certificate in Music Sequencing & Production in the college.

Private Tuition

I also offer private tuition within London. Please feel free to contact me at or on 07492587689 to discuss if I am the right teacher for you or your child!

Qualifications and checks

  • Bachelors in Music - CIT Cork School of Music

  • MA Audio Production - University of Westminster

  • Level 3 award in Education and Training

  • DBS Checked


Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is my first love, primary instrument and I am still a student to this day from the age of 7! I cater for multiple styles of acoustic guitar music including pop, country, folk, jazz and classical. 

Wether you're looking to accompany yourself on the guitar as a singer, or discover and learn some challenging new finger style arrangements on guitar, I can be sure to guide you in the right direction. 

I became serious about the classical guitar when I decided that I wanted to study music at the age of 16. When I was accepted into CSM (Cork school of music - CIT) to enrol in a 4 year Bachelors of Music, I studied the classical guitar repertoire under Jerry Creedon and performed regularly in small & large ensembles and as a soloist.

I teach beginner classical guitarists as well as intermediate/advanced guitarists who are looking to be helped through the grading system. 


Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar

I have played electric guitar since the age of 13, but became infatuated with the jazz guitar of Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Ted Greene (The List goes on) in my 3rd year of university when I began an unexpected love affair with jazz and blues.


I also teach Rock, R&B, Soul and other popular styles of electric guitar. I cover various techniques from beginner level to advanced including fretboard skills, Right Hand Techniques, Chord Voicings and applicable scale and arpeggio methods.  

Music Production

I took an interest in music production when I got my first Korg multi track recorder as a teenager. I then took Music Technology as part of my major in my undergraduate and went on to do my MA in audio production in University of Westminster. 

I teach on softwares Logic Pro X and Ableton and cover various techniques for drum programming, Midi Editing, audio editing, Synthesis etc. in multiple styles including Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Soul, R&B, House and other popular styles.


Online lessons 

I also offer online lessons via Skype and Zoom from my home studio set up which ensures a quality live stream and quick transfer of any required lesson resources instantly. 

Freddie (video on the left), has been a student of mine for 3 years and has evidently become an accomplished guitarist!

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