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Guitarist for Yoga Class held by Annie Clarke (@mind_body_bowl) in aid of Hope for Children

I had the pleasure of playing music for a yoga class taught by Yoga goddess and instagram star (@mind_body_bowl) Annie Clarke in aid of Hope for Children. I dusted off the cobwebs from my classical guitar repertoire a month in advance and put my Apoyando back to work (no it's not a yoga routine). After a lengthy and indulgent diet of jazz and soul guitar for the last few years, my chops were rusty, but my musicality, harmonic understanding and fret board knowledge developed from this music made revisiting and understanding the music of F. Tarrega a beautiful reunion.

Interpreting the dynamic of the class musically is a wonderful exercise; I found myself hugely exaggerating dynamics when Annie instructed everyone to eeeeexhale, but the real fun came in when I just improvised and rode that zen wave man. But seriously, I felt like I was on a journey as well as the rest of the class guided by a superb pilot.

I would love to do more of these gigs, not just to sustain my classical playing but to top up my chi every now and then :) Yoga instructors, hit me up!

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